NSFAS has launched the Digital Learning Device Project, whereby NSFAS-funded students can apply to receive a laptop from their learning material allowance. The goal of the Digital Learning Device Project is to help students gain access to online learning during Covid-19, after Universities and TVET Colleges shut down their physical campuses.

There are a lot of questions about the NSFAS laptop initiative and we would therefore like to address some of these queries, such as who qualifies for an NSFAS laptop, whether there is any fee involved, how to apply to receive the laptop, as well as when and where you will receive the laptop.

Are NSFAS Laptops For Free?

No, NSFAS laptops are not free. NSFAS-funded students who subscribe to the NSFAS Digital Learning Device Project and order NSFAS laptops don’t get it for free.

Although, you’ll not buy the laptop outright, or you will not get the NSFAS laptop by a debit payment method but you don’t definitely get it for free.

Who qualifies to receive a laptop from NSFAS?

1. NSFAS-funded students registered from the 2020 academic year at a public university or TVET college, and have signed the terms and conditions that come with the laptop
2. NSFAS-funded students who have not previously received a laptop from their university or TVET college


Who doesn’t qualify for a laptop?

1. Students who have already received a laptop from their institution
2. Students who receive laptops as part of their enrolment package.
3. Students who are not funded by NSFAS
4. Students who have not signed the terms and conditions that come with the laptop
5. Trimester 1 students from TVET colleges

How do I order the laptop from NSFAS?

You must log onto www.nsfas.org.za, click myNSFAS on the top of your screen, click Digital Learning Device Online Order Form, and fill in the details on the screen as requested. The full ordering process is done online.

Frequently Asked Questions About NSFAS Laptop

Does NSFAS offer training for the laptop?

The laptop device comes with software installed, no training is needed

Can I collect my laptop at any institution?

You are required to collect your laptop on the campus of the university you are registered at

myNSFAS funding was not approved yet but I have registered, can I be considered to receive a laptop?

To order a device, you must be approved for NSFAS funding and you have to be registered at a public university or TVET college for an NSFAS funded qualification

How will I know which device is the best to choose from as well as the price difference per type?

The specifications are available on the online order portal as well as the price

How will we make sure that the correct student receives the laptop he/she ordered?

On collection of the laptop, the student must present the following to the service provider:

  • A Valid SA ID
  • Registration / student cards
  • Student must sign the delivery note as proof of receipt.

What is the model of the laptop?

The Proline laptop model is on the portal currently, additional brands will be made available.

What is the turnaround time after you place an order?

Depending on the availability of stock. Where stock is available, it could take 7 to 14 days.

How does a student cancel an order once they submit it?

The student must inform their Financial Aid Office on campus to cancel.

Will the student sign the terms and conditions which clearly states the owner of the device and the rules around the acceptance of the device?

Each participating institution will develop a set of terms and conditions that must be signed by the student on or before collection of the laptop. These terms and conditions will be made available to the student by their institution.

If I order a laptop will I still receive allowances?

Yes, you will still receive other allowances such as food as well as travel or accommodation allowances

I already ordered a laptop with my institution, but I haven’t received it yet. Do I have to resubmit a request online with NSFAS?

Yes, you must also submit an online order through by logging onto the NSFAS website at www.nsfas.org.za, click myNSFAS on the top of the screen, then click the Digital Learning Device online order. Then add your ID number and all the information requested on screen to complete your order

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