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NSFAS Application begins in the last quater of the year. It is opened after the universities admissions are started. As a public organisation responsible for funding less fortunate students to continue their tertiary level education.

Once you submit an application and you have not been given an admission into the university or TVET college then you will be disapproved. For this reasons and many more, several people cancel their applications once they change their minds.

You can cancel a pending application and later reapply. If you are studying a teaching course then applying for the Funza Lushaka bursary may be a better option for you. Below are the steps to follow on how to cancel your nsfas application online.

How To Cancel NSFAS Application Online

Follow the below step-by-step process to cancel your NSFAS application online.

Once you follow the listed above steps to cancel your application, continue to read the frequently asked questions below to know more about the cancelation process and what to do next.


Can You Cancel NSFAS Application And Apply Again?

Yes, you can cancel and submit your NSFAS application online again as long as you meet the NSAS Requirements and qualify for NSFAS funding. This means that no matter the number of times you cancel and reapply within the application period, as long as the final deadline for closing of the application portal for NSFAS is not over.

It doesnt matter your reason for closing your application, you should not allow the long timelines to approval to discourage you to cancel. Sometimes little assistance for your challenges with the system may discourage you and you will end up very frustrated. In such situations just have some patience. It’ll be over soon. You only need to apply once.

The fact is, after you have submitted your online application for NSFAS funding, NSFAS will have to evaluate your application information and verify all the supporting documents you uploaded before they can approve you for funding.

Can You Cancel and Submit NSFAS Application Anytime?

No, you can only cancel and resubmit your NSFAS application as long as NSFAS application is still open.

Once the application is closed, you cannot resubmit your application and if you had canceled your online application, you’ll have to wait for the next academic year before you can apply again. Nonetheless, you can reapply after your application is unsuccessful.

Can You Edit NSFAS Application And Not Cancel It?

Yes, you can edit your NSFAS online application without canceling it. You can always edit your personal information or supporting documents if the need be as long as the application is still opened

Most students realized they need to make changes in their personal information or supporting documents for their NSFAS application after they have completed and submitted their applications.

Fortunately, you can do so through the NSFAS Online Application before the application deadline.

Why You Should Cancel Your NSFAS Application?

There’re many reasons you may have to justify your decision to cancel your NSFAS application online. The reasons could be;

  • You think NSFAS is not going to approve your application and you need to apply again
  • You made mistakes in your application that you cannot edit
  • You want to change the documents or your personal information but the system is not working, etc.

These are all good reasons, but as stated earlier, you should take extra precautions with strong reasons before you go ahead to cancel your NSFAS online application.

Why You Should Not Cancel Your NSFAS Application?

You don’t have to cancel your NSFAS online application for no reason. NSFAS will definitely evaluate and verify your application and possibly approve you for funding.

NSFAS goes through a series of processes before they approve your application and in the process, they will show your application progress on your MyNSFAS Status page.

You should read All 9 NSFAS Application Statuses And Meanings for an in-depth understanding of your application progress.

So, you don’t necessarily have to go through how to cancel NSFAS application online for the reason that your application is taking too long to get approval.

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